The Africa - Nyagoro Plains is a stage featured in the sixth installment of the Samurai Shodown series of weapon-based fighting games released by SNK Playmore in 2005.


The battle takes place during the sunset in a small african village. Throughout the stage there are many animals of different species. In front: birds, elephant, a family of lions, zebras; at the back: giraffes, flamingos drinking water from a lake, a cattle, antelopes, and more. There are many trees in the stage: two on the left, one at the right, and many more in the distance. At the right side of the stage there are five native people watching the match. Behind of them, there are three huts. A great mountain can be seen in the distant horizon.

Musical themesEdit

The soundtrack for this stage is a tribal song called "Party of Gratitude" (感謝の宴 Hansha no Utage)