Dohsaki - Night Temple (堂崎・夜の寺 Dōzaki - yoru no tera?) is a battle stage found in the game Samurai Shodown V Special released in 2004 by SNK Playmore. The player can fight in this stage randomly during Arcade and Versus modes, or if player faces Zankuro Minazuki as part of the final bosses.


Dohsaki forms part of the stages that Yuki Enterprise took from previous Samurai Shodown games to be featured in his developed games V and V Special. Thus, this stage is almost the same background as Temple of War, Zankuro's stage of Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blod.

Difference list:

  • The two cauldrons on near front issuing fire were removed.
  • The cauldron's shadows on the floor are still present. Graphics designers forgot re-drawn such zones.
  • New color palette for floor, statues, and structures of the temple.
  • The dark clouds outside the windows are dark blue. There are no lightings.
  • Climatic special background was added; its the same as Dohsaki stage.