Edo - The Kabuki Stage is the name of a battle stage featured in Samurai Shodown II. It serves as Kyoshiro Senryo stage during Arcade Mode, or when a new challenger chooses him in Versus Mode. This is the second entry in the recurrent Kabuki stages of the Samurai Shodown series.


Also see: Tokyo

In general terms, this stage features the same sprites from the Tokyo stage. The main difference is the change of color pallet:

  • Floor and ceiling are brown color.
  • Musicians' clothes now are with blue colors.
  • The petals of the Sakura trees are orange color.
  • The flags have different kanjis and colors.
  • On each side of the stage, there is white kanjis written on the Jōshiki maku (定式幕 formulate curtain).
  • The Kagamiita (鏡板 scene panel) now shows the painting of a green Oni (鬼 demon) with red hair facing a crab.

Musical themeEdit

Kyoshiro's song for this game is also called "Magatama" (勾玉 Magatama, literally "Jewels"), same as original Samurai Shodown game. This time there is no Arrange version.