The Gairyu Isle is the name of a recurrent location in the Samurai Shodown series, featured in the original game, its sequel, and Samurai Shodown V Special. This place serves as stage for Haohmaru (day/evening versions) and Ukyo Tachibana (night versions).

Description Edit

Original versions Edit

The battle takes place seaside, where the fighters are on a rocky ground. The sea has waves which break when hitting the rocks. On the right side of the stage there is a series of crags, two of them with vegetation and shrubs on the top. At sea there are two small islands with vegetation (one on each side). In the distance can be see several mountains, where Mount Fuji stands out among them.

The battle on Haohmaru's version of Gairyu Isle unfolds during daylight, with a radiant sun and blue sky. Ukyo's version takes place during night, where the full moon and stars can be seen shining. The brightness of the moon is reflected in the sea. Additionally, fireworks appear in the sky during the match.

Musical themesEdit

In the MVS and AVS versions of this game, both Haohmaru and Ukyo have different songs. The song names for Haohmaru and Ukyo are called "Song of Men - Sun" (男節 日 Obushi-Hi), and "Song of Men - Moon" (男節 月 Obushi-Tsuki) respectively.

Samurai Shodown II Edit

Once again, the battle unfolds on a rocky ground and the waves break when hitting the rocks (only during Haohmaru stage, no strong waves in Ukyo stage). New to this stage is the addiction of a series of Torii (鳥居 lit. "bird abode") which lead to a building in the middle of the sea. At the left of the stage there is a woman (dressed with red Kimono during Haohmaru stage, and blue Kimono in Ukyo stage) watching the battle behind the pole (柱 Hashira) of a Torii. Mount Fuji looks a little more closely.

Musical themesEdit

Haohmaru song for this stage is called "Path of Men" (男道 Dandō), and Ukyo theme is called "Moon Flower" (月の花 Tsuki no Hana).

Samurai Shodown V Special Edit