Kamui Kotan (カムイコタン kamui kotan) is a series of stages and recurrent location found in the Samurai Shodown series of fighting games by SNK Playmore. It’s a fictional village of the Ainu tribe which serves as hometown and battle stage for the characters Nakoruru, Rimururu, and Rera. All Kamui Kotan stages shares common elements, like a cottage house, winter weather, pines, various animals, and mountains in the distance, as well the musical themes in each game.

This village is surrounded by forest and mountains, and its inhabitants are friends of the animals (they can communicate with them, like Nakoruru with Mamahaha or Rera with Shikuro), as well also revere Mother Nature. From it, villagers only take the necessary to survive the four seasons, mainly winter due its geographical location, but during summer forest and mountains show beautiful scenery. In return, their habitants (especially the priestess Nakoruru) are able to do anything to protect it from evil threats.

The next is a list of Kamui Kotan stages. Only Samurai Shodown IV, V Special, and VI lacks of a stage on this location.

Definition Edit

Kamui Kotan or kamuy kotan, whose standard Japanese spelling is 神居古潭, can be roughly translated as “kamui village” or “the place where God lives”. It’s a term used by the Ainu people to name purely natural places, hidden from civilization, which can be difficult to access for people, according to their legends and myths. A kamui (Ainu: カムイ japanese: 神居) is the spiritual or deity being in the Ainu tribe.