Level Selection

The level selection (レべ選択 Rebe sentaku) is a game feature only found in Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood and Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa’s Revenge. It’s a system that gives players the chance of choice a game level that fit their skills through modifications in some game features. This does not interfere with the difficult level set in the game options, that is, the opponent’s AI is not changed.

After the player selects a character and Sword Type, he is prompted to select a game level, which determines the combat conditions for the rest of the game, until the player beats the game or he is defeated by the CPU. This selection also has effect in versus matches.

  • Medium Grade (剣豪 Kengō, lit. master fencer) – This is the standard level. Everything works normal, and no alterations are made to the gameplay.
  • Beginners Class (剣客 kenkaku, lit. swordsman) – For unexperienced and casual players. In Samurai Shodown III provides the player with five automatic blocks/guards against enemy attacks, and the damage inflicted by the opponent is lower. In Samurai Shodown IV the player can do automatic 4-hit Combo Slashes, and Knocking-on-the-Sword Super Special moves are easy to do pressing all buttons simultaneously, but the Rage Gauge grows slower than normal, and the Rage Explosion cannot be used.
  • Upper Class (剣聖 kensei, lit. holy sword, where chinese 聖 Shèng means "saint", "holy", or "sacred") – Only for bold players. Blocks/guards are totally canceled, so any enemy attack cannot be blocked. In Samurai Shodown III the Rage Gauge is always at MAX. In Samurai Shodown IV the Rage Gauge is not always full, but the player’s character becomes faster.