Link slashes

Amakusa performing Link Slashes, resulting in a 5-hit combo.

The Link Slashes (連ね斬り Tsuranegiri, lit. lined sword) is a special command exclusive of Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa’s Revenge. It works to inflict automatic short slash combos to the opponent.

Link Slashes only can be done while the Rage Explosion is active. During this state, the player can press Light Slash, Medium Slash, and Strong Slash at the same time to perform a 4, 5, or 6-hit combo automatically. This command reduces certain amount of Explosion Gauge each time it’s used; assuming the Explosion Gauge began full, in average the player only can use Link Slashes from two to three times.

After Link Slashes concludes, it can be finished with Knocking on the Sword super specials, special character movements, or do Combo Slash to continue the chain. Because certain hits during a Combo Slash can be canceled by other moves, a player can do Link Slashes once again to link combos. Linkers in the Killer Instinct series had already worked in a similar way.

Link slashes

Basic use of Link Slashes.