The Mountain Dojo - Himalayas is a battle stage found in the third game of the Samurai Shodown series released in 1995 by SNK. This Kuroko stage is always visited during the sixth match of Arcade mode. Mountain Dojo is a remake of Himalaya stage of Samurai Shodown II, and later was revamped in Samurai Shodown V Special.


As the name suggest, the battle unfolds inside a Dojo (道場 Dōjō). The floor is covered by green tatami (畳). There are 13 other Kurokos (four near and nine in the back) sitting on his knees watching the match. At the back there is a brown wall covered with ancient paper where a big Yin Yang symbol is in the middle, whose animation inverts black and white in a paced way. On the sides can be seen Buddhist images. The ceiling of the stage is decorated with gold figures of dragons, each one holding a Yin Yang.

When the Limit Space (climax) is reached, all stage turns grey-scale, except for the big Yin Yang in the wall, where the black is changed by red.

Musical themesEdit

The song for this stage is a J-Rock piece called "The Dance of Battle" (舞闘劇 Maitōgeki). The arranged version includes an orchestral opening.