Paris, The Versailles Palace is the name of a battle stage found in the second entry of the Samurai Shodown series by SNK in 1994. Charlotte is who fights in this stage during Arcade or Versus mode. This is a remake of Versailles stage from the original Samurai Shodown game.


The battle takes place in an elegant palace hall. The floor is made with reflective black and white marble, with a scarlet-color carpet in the center of the hall (there is a red rose in the middle) with yellow embroidery on the edge; on the carpet there are two gold sculptures of women which holds candlesticks with four burning candles respectively, and each sculpture is destructible during a battle with a Slash attacks. In the middle back there is a gold bureau (one on each side) with a flower vase on it. On each side of the hall it can be seen a window decorated with red room curtains (through the windows can be seen it's night outside). In the back of the room there is a big painting on the wall depicting a group of warriors facing a demon; this is, all characters from Samurai Shodown (led by Charlotte who is on a Chariot) against Mizuki. At the sides of the painting there are sculptures.

Musical themesEdit

The background music for this stage is called "Continuation - Foreign Woman" (続 舶来女 Zoku Hakurai On'na), which presents a classic, orchestral melody.