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The Prosia Kingdom - Nights, best known in Japan as Kingdom of Prussia - Knights of Steel (プロシア王国・鋼鉄騎士団 Puroshia Ōkoku - Kōtetsu Kishi-dan?) is a battle stage exclusively found in the videogame Samurai Shodown II released in 1994 for Neo Geo by SNK. The player faces Neinhalt Sieger in this location during Arcade play, or when a New Challenger chooses him in Versus mode.


There is a big royal coat of arms engraved on the floor and a red carpet on the sides. At the center, in the middle back of the stage there is a big throne where the King of Sieger's homeland is sitting, watching the match. Above, the throne is decorated with the statue of a roaring lion whose left leg is over the throne chair. At his side, the King is guarded by guards which carries red helmets and capes. At battlefield level, there are another two guards with extended capes, exposing his red armors while carrying poleaxes. On each side of the stage there is a great pillar sculpted with the form of a warrior armed with poleaxe. The back of the stage is replete of warriors carrying his weapons and family crest flags (red flags with the face of a lion in yellow), as well as wearing his red armors. The nocturnal sky is lightning frequently.

Musical themes[]

The name of Sieger's musical theme is "Knight" (騎士 Kishi).