The Ritual Monument - Night is a battle stage only found in Samurai Shodown III. Shiro Tokisada Amakusa is the character who the player faces during Arcade mode, or when a New Challenger chooses him during Versus mode.


As the stage name implies, the battle takes place in a kind of sacred enclosure. On the ground there pieces of stone acting as floor, between green glass. There are two pairs of big stones on each side of the stage, each one with a zodiac symbol engraved in red (from left to right: Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, and Capricorn), and surrounding with Shide (紙垂). Back in the ritual monument there are more big stones, two of them holding another one. Far away, a mountain has purple tones, and the lightning sky has dark pink and plum color tones. Some seconds later, a dark, rolling stone descends from the sky and remains afloat in the center of the monument. Then, the dark stone is divided in two halves. During the second round a dark energy sphere appears between the two halves, and all big stones on the monument begin to emanate flashing energy light. These changes remains until the end of the match.

When the battle reaches the Limit Space moment, the sky turns black, and the monument adopts orange tones. The dark energy sphere begin to absorb energy balls.

Musical themesEdit

This stage features an orchestral song called "Asylum" (狂態 Kyōtai).