The Rolling Spirit Blast, also known with names as Exploding Wave, Confucius Exploding Wave, or Confucius Thunder Bomb, is one of Wan-Fu's signature movements in every Samurai Shodown game where he appears.



Wan-Fu, as practitioner of the "Shaolin Temple-style Drawn Sword Art" (少林寺流抜刀術 Shōrinji-ryū Battō-jutsu), he is able to control various types of weapons. In each game Wan-Fu controls a different weapon, keeping similar moves and commands.

In the first Samurai Shodown game Wan-Fu takes control of a broadsword named "Flesh-Cutting Large Sword" (斬肉大包刀 Zanniku Daibōchō). When the player perform the command, Wan-Fu's skin turns red, makes a big jump and throw the broadsword towards the opponent, which gives several twists engulfed in flames. When hits the opponent, a explosion occurs and he is knocked-out. If opponent is able to block, he should block 5 times.
If player uses Light Slash, Wan-Fu will back slightly during the jump, and the range of the throw will be medium range. When Medium Slash is used, Wan-Fu moves slightly forward and the throw will be large range. If the player uses Strong Slash, the forward jump will be long intending to jump over the opponent. When starts to fall Wan-Fu throws the broadsword directly vertically. This is very effective if opponent is at the edge of the stage, thereby, the player will be able to retrieve the weapon faster.

In Samurai Shodown II now uses the column named "Flesh-Pounding Large Stone Pillar" (撲肉大石柱 Bokuniku Daisekichū). When player uses Light or Strong Slash, Wan-Fu moves slightly forward. If Medium Slash is pressed Wan-Fu moves slightly backward.

For Samurai Shodown VI Wan-Fu uses the Bakuniku Daitekkyū (Flesh-Bursting Large Iron Ball). The attack style and description is similar to previous ones.

For all games, this move has a particular weakness: whatever success or fail, Wan-Fu will lose his weapon, but it can be retrieved on the ground