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About the Samurai Shodown series

Samurai Shodown (サムライスピリッツ Samurai Supiritsu in Japan) is a fighting video game franchise created by SNK (previously SNK-Playmore during 2003-2016) that debuted in 1993 for the Neo-Geo MVS arcade board, and then spawned a number of sequels and related media. Despite the name of the series, most of the characters actually are not samurai in the true sense of the word. To make this very clear SNK alternatively uses the kanjis 侍魂 in the games' logos, where the second character means tamashī (soul/spirit), making a better reflect of the series' setting.

The original Japanese name Samurai Spirits was changed to Samurai Shodown during the western localization by the SNK USA Distribution team, changing "Spirits" to "Shodown" so that players could understand the concept instantly. Shodown is a intentional misspelling of "showdown", this as reference to the theatrical version of the miniseries Shōgun (NBC, 1980), keeping the first syllalbe of Shogun more the last one from showdown, resulting in SHODOWN.


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Samurai Spirit (Shodown) V Special All Characters Finishing moves

Samurai Spirit (Shodown) V Special All Characters Finishing moves

The Zetsumei Ougi, or Overkill in Europe and America, is a finisher move featured in Samurai Shodown V Special. In the same vein as the Guilty Gear games, the Zetsumei Ougi can instantly finish the match for the opponent. The conditions are: your character had to be in Rage explotion... Read more...

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To call me "awesome" - Haohmaru victory phrase in the first Samurai Shodown game

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