San Francisco is the name of a battle stage found in the first game of the Samurai Shodown series, released for Neo Geo during 1993 by SNK. During Arcade mode the player faces Galford on this stage, or when a New Challenger chooses him in VS Mode. A remake of San Francisco stage is found in the sequel game, called San Francisco, noon.

Description Edit

As the name suggest, the battle takes place on an eighteenth century version of Port of San Francisco during the sunset. The dock is made of wooden boards, and on it are located three barrels which are interactive; with Slash attacks the characters can cut the barrels, in doing so there are red apples inside the barrels (many are cut off because the Slash attack). On the shores of the dock is a group of spectators watching the fight (between sailors, ladies, kids, and animals). In the left side of the stage there is an anchored ship with sails furled called "TOMAMU". On the right side there is a black ship named as "APC AZUMI PACIFIC", it have both a bowsprit and figurehead of a woman in gold. On board of this ship there are many sailors with red t-shirts, one of them with the acronym APC behind him. Far away in the horizon a sailboat is sailing.

Musical themes Edit

The music for this stage is a rock-oriented song with traditional Japanese instruments called "Tuna" (鮪 Maguro).

Trivia Edit