The Shrine - Sunset is a stage featured in the Samurai Shodown III video game released in 1995 by SNK. The player faces Basara Kubikiri in this background during Arcade mode, or when a New Challenger chooses him in Versus mode. With new color pallet this stage is also found in Samurai Shodown V. A remake of Shrine stage is featured in Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge.


The battle takes place inside an abandoned building. In both sides of the stage there are remains of old Shōji (障子), which can be cut with Slash attacks. Behind the Shōji there are aged wooden pillars with broken boards. In short there is a pair of burning candles, and some green glass in the floor. The ceiling of the shrine has big holes which make clear the age of the building; there is a cord with Shide (紙垂) as well. At the back the building lacks of walls; outside can be seen a bell (covered by a crown) and a Bonsai-like three. When the round 1 finish, the candles turn off and all stage becomes dark, and night falls suddenly. Sometimes a small papers swirl appears briefly. This changes remains until the end of the match.

When the Limit Space occurs, all stage becomes black except the floor. A series of candles can be seen in the background, as well images depicting a woman and a fight between an armed men against other persons (presumably Basara and his lover)

Musical themesEdit

The name of the song for this stage is called "Lament of Sanzu River" (三途の嘆き Sanzu no Nageki).