Sword stun

Haohmaru gets stunned.

Sword Stun, also known with names as Stun Thrust or Repel, and known in Japas as Hajiki Kaeshi (弾き返し Hajikikaeshi?, literally Repelling) is a basic defensive movement in the Samurai Shodown series.


Concept and useEdit

Sword Stun is a fencing bladework maneuver first introduced in 1994's Samurai Shodown II as Uke-gaeshi (受け返し Uke-gaeshi?, literally Receiving), whose purpose is block and deflect an incoming weapon attack without receive damage. At the last moment when an opponent's attack is about to hit his or her character, the player can do the proper input (see command list) to parry the attack, leaving the opponent vulnerable for a counterattack during a brief moment. Both players's characters must be standing on the ground to apply this technique. However, Sword Stun requires precise timing, otherwise, the player will be exposed to damage.

While in Samurai Shodown II the maneuver consist in just guard a weapon attack at the very last moment, in Samurai Shodown III requires a hald-circle forward input in the arcade joystick/directional pad with an increased, extreme timing required. For Samurai Shodown IV and onwards the character can do the Sword Stun movement without needing to be attacked, also the timing was less severe. Randomly the player's opponent can lose his/her weapon.