Temple - mist is a battle stage found in Samurai Shodown II. Nicotine Caffeine is the character who faces the player during Arcade Mode, or when a new challenger chooses him in Versus mode. Slightly reworked versions of Temple can be found in Samurai Shodown III: Blades or Blood and Samurai Shodown V.


The location of this place seems to be in the middle of a hidden forest surrounded by fog. The characters moves along a dirt road, while in the center stage there is a ascending stone staircase. This staircase is followed at the sides by traditional stone lanterns called Tōrō (灯籠 literally light basket, light tower), and leads to the entrance of a temple upstage. Around the staircase there are many tree trunks and green vegetation on the ground. At the left of the screen there is a trunk surrounded by many Shide (紙垂). In such truck it can be seen a skull.

Musical themesEdit

The song dedicated for this stage is called "Bewildering Fog" (迷い霧 Mayoi Kiri).