Tokyo (東京 Tōkyō) is the name of a stage found in the original Samurai Shodown video game released by SNK in 1993. It serves as Kyoshiro Senryo stage during Arcade Mode, or when a new challenger chooses him in Versus Mode. In future installments of the series this stage was remaked in some ways, becoming a staple of Samurai Shodown games.


The battle takes place inside a Kabuki Theater (歌舞伎), which recreates many aspects from classic Kabuki scenography. At the middle distance there are six musicians (four holding a Shamisen)which are responsible for playing songs during the performance. In the left and right ends there are Sakura trees props wrapped by Shide (紙垂), and a Kuroko is hiding in each tree, watching the match. In an upper platform further back there are more musicians, holding fans and banners with kanjis. The yokoita (横板 transverse plate) or atoza (後座 rear seat) is located in the deepest part of the stage, where the kagamiita (鏡板 scene panel) shows a traditional painting of a blue tiger. Finally, in the highest part of the stage there is a Jōshiki maku (定式幕 formulate curtain) with the distinctive three colors of the kabuki curtain (black, green, and red).

Musical themes Edit

The song for this stage is called "Magatama" (勾玉 Magatama, literally "Jewels"). It's a song played with traditional japanese instruments (Min'yō genre).