The Wildheart Whammy (心乱呪符 Shinran Jufu?, literally Heart Confusion Charm), is a Nicotine Caffeine's special move.

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Description Edit

Executed similar to any Shikigamireifu attack, Nicotine takes a seal inside his clothes and throws to the opponent (it's a short-range attack). While moves through the air, the seal is red, and just when hits the opponent the seal becomes blue. If the seal touches the opponent successfully, he is knocked down and the kanji 乱 (Ran, from chinese Luàn, "Disorderly") appears on him. When the enemy stands up, a question mark appears above him in a speech balloon, this indicates that all eight directions in the opponent's joystick/directional pad will be inverted for a brief moment.

If the seal is blocked by the opponent, or if fall to the ground, this ends burning up and dissapears.