Yamagata is a stage featured in the original Samurai Shodown fighting video game released by SNK in 1993. Hanzo Hattori is the titular character during arcade mode, or when a new challenger choose him in versus mode. A mirrored Yamagata stage with some new elements is present in the sequel game, called Battlefield, the sunset.

Description Edit

At the site it can be seen two roads, one horizontal in the front, and another upright in the right side which lost in the distance. With some lawn, there are old wooden fences and one old tree trunk on which is posing a crow. More crows are posing on a small stone pillar and a Buddhist statue. Also it can be seen a piece of flag at the middle distance. Far in the background, there are shadow silhouettes of an old construction and another tree trunk. In the near front it can be seen three rice plants moving with the air. The sky is red with animations that gives waves effect, and at the left side the sky can be seen with orange and red tones. At the beginning of each round, some dry leaves appear flying with the air.

This is the archetypal scenario of desolation and destruction that brings civil wars during feudal Japan.

Musical themes Edit

The song that can be heard in this stage is an ambiental piece called "Shadow" (影 kage).